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Kilo Verme Sonrası Estetik (Post-Bariatrik Cerrahi)



Post-bariatric surgery is the surgery for the correction of the deformities form on the body as a result of high-weight loss.

This group of patients are the patients that has undergone gastric surgery and has lost 30-60 kg in a short period of time. When such weight is lost, excessive skin and sagging occur under the arms, breasts, abdomen and back, butt, legs, and even on the face.

Excessive skin is removed by arm lift, leg lift, face lift, breast lift and tummy tuck surgeries. Before the surgery, it is expected that the patients have lost enough weight before the surgery, their “body mass index” has reached a normal level, and the patient has been at a constant weight for at least 6 months.

Post-bariatric surgeries are postponed in patients whose blood values ​​are not appropriate due to rapid weight loss and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It is healthier to perform the surgeries part by part by dividing them into at least 2 sessions.

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European and Turkish Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association Certificate of Competence

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