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Kulak Memesi Estetiği



Although the earlobe does not have a function of hearing or balance, it can cause problems in patients in terms of appearance. The reason of this may be too large earlobe and the incorrect position. Or it may be deformed as traumatically. The most common cause is partial or full layer tears caused by heavy earrings.

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European and Turkish Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association Certificate of Competence

Before Ear-Lobe Aesthetics

Before earlobe aesthetics, the expectations of the patient and the possible results are discussed. Markings are made. The symmetry is evaluated.

Kulak Memesi Estetiği
Kulak Memesi Estetiği

During Ear-Lobe Aesthetics

Earlobe aesthetics can be performed under local anesthesia. If the problem is major, the operation is performed in accordance with the anatomy and as to leave least obvious scar. It is also possible to repair a torn earlobe.

After Ear-Lobe Aesthetics

As a result of earlobe aesthetics, patients continue their daily work. During the recovery period, there is no need for a restriction other than wearing earrings.

Kulak Memesi Estetiği
Kulak Memesi Estetiği

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