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Cilt Cilt Altı Yumuşak Doku Biyopsisi



Subcutaneous lesions are the formations that are located between the skin and the underlying muscle-bone tissue. These may originate from various tissues such as skin, fat, muscle, bone, connective tissue, vessels, nerves, and lymph.

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Before Cutaneous, Subcutaneous Soft Tissue Biopsy

The medical history is very important in the evaluation of such lesions. For how long it is exist, whether it causes pain or not, the growth rate, whether it causes loss of function in the surrounding area or not should be known.

During the performed examination, the consistency of the lesion, its depth, and its relationship with the surrounding tissues can form the preliminary diagnosis. Radiological examinations will help the diagnosis in deep lesions that are suspected or in which the examination is insufficient.

Cilt Cilt Altı Yumuşak Doku Biyopsisi
Cilt Cilt Altı Yumuşak Doku Biyopsisi

During Cutaneous, Subcutaneous Soft Tissue Biopsy

Frequently seen sebaceous cysts are benign but socially disturbing formations that are just under the skin and cause occasional mephitic flix. Most of the time, it is possible to excise it with a simple surgical excision procedure.

Another frequently seen lesion is lipomas that are benign masses formed by adipose tissue. It has no harm to the patient. It can be surgically excised if desired.

After Cutaneous, Subcutaneous Soft Tissue Biopsy

A follow up plan can be prepared according to the nature of the lesion and the treatment performed after the procedure. There is no need to follow up cystic lesions and lipomas. Additional treatments and follow up are required after the excision of malignant tissues.

Cilt Cilt Altı Yumuşak Doku Biyopsisi

Excision of Benign Lesions

Excision of Malign Lesions

Cutaneous, Subcutaneous Soft Tissue Biopsy

Cilt Cilt Altı Yumuşak Doku Biyopsisi

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