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Renkli Lezyonların Çıkartılması


There may be various lesions on our skin other than nevus. Some of these are vascular anomalies, verruca, seborrheic keratoses, and actinic keratoses. Among these, actinic keratoses should be excised and the patient should be followed up, although it is very rarely, there is a potential to transform into skin cancer in the future.

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Before Excision of Colored Lesions

Before intervening in such lesions, a preliminary diagnosis should be established by anamnesis and physical examination, and a treatment should be selected accordingly.

Renkli Lezyonların Çıkartılması
Renkli Lezyonların Çıkartılması

During Excision of Colored Lesions

Vascular anomalies exhibit a wide variety. There are different types, from a small cluster of capillaries to severe forms that affect the entire body.

Depending on the type of vascular anomaly, surgery, injection for the lesion, drug treatments, laser applications and combinations of these treatments can be planned.

And although the exact cause is unknown, seborrheic keratoses are completely benign lesions that have been associated with viruses in recent years. Although it is not harmful to the patient, surgical excision or shaving is recommended in cases where excision is planned.

After Excision of Colored Lesions

A follow-up plan is determined according to the type of lesion and the selected treatment application. It should be known that lesions of viral origin, such as verruca, are resistant to all treatments, including burning, and have recurrent forms.

Renkli Lezyonların Çıkartılması
Renkli Lezyonların Çıkartılması

Other Types of Excision of Benign Lesions

Other Treatment Types of Skin Lesions

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