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Nevus are the benign lesions that are “generally” a few millimeters in diameter and are darker than the skin in everyone. They are formed by the accumulation of melanocyte cells that carry melanin pigment. They can be congenital or develop later.

During adolescence and pregnancy, their numbers may increase and their colors may get darker. The considerations such as nevus should not be excised, “if the knife touches, it will cause cancer” are completely superstitions and have no scientific basis.

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Before Excision of Nevus

While most of the nevus are completely harmless, some require special attention. Particularly if there are wide range of and large congenital nevus, then it is useful to follow and even excise them as much as possible.

If there is a recent change in a nevus or similar lesion, rapid growth, blistering, different formations around it, bleeding or itching, if this lesion is not symmetrical, its edges are irregular and its color is not homogeneous, then biopsy may be required.

Ben Çıkartılması
Ben Çıkartılması

During Excision of Nevus

Excision of nevus is a procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia in clinical conditions. Nevus is surgically excised. It is sutured. If deemed necessary, the excised part is submitted for pathological examination.

Larger nevus can be excised gradually if there is no suspicion of malignancy, so that they do not cause any functional and aesthetic problems.

Particularly during the excision of benign lesions from the face, the aesthetic units on the face should not get deteriorated, and the procedure should be staged or postponed if deemed necessary.

After Excision of Nevus

The excised nevus is submitted for pathological examination if deemed necessary. If malignancy is reported, then additional surgical and medical treatments should be planned. If there is no comment in favor of malignancy, then no additional procedure is planned.

The physician will guide the patient to take out the sutures according to the region and the sutures.

Even it is on the face, even if the excised lesion is very small, every surgical procedure means an incision and at least one suture, and this means a scar.

Maximum attention is paid to keep the visibility of the scar at minimum, vectors that will not disrupt the aesthetic units are selected, the sutures are removed as early as possible, and although some topical treatments are applied afterwards, it is not medically possible to fully predict the clarity of the scar before the procedure.

Ben Çıkartılması

Other Types of Excision of Benign Lesions

Other Treatment Types of Skin Lesions

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