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Diş Sıkma (Masseter Botoksu)



The masseter is one of the four pairs of masticatory muscles in humans. Particularly becomes evident when the teeth are ground. Chewing gum, grinding the teeth, gnashing the teeth (bruxism) will cause this muscle to work and grow continuously. Teeth-grinding is an action that people usually do both day and night without realizing, and if it is not treated, it can result in difficult-to-treat conditions such as headache, jaw joint destruction, and tooth erosion, etc.

Prevention of teeth-grinding is essentially psychological, but it is often not possible. The enlargement of the masseter muscle for various reasons makes the lower face appear larger than it is. This can cause a rude looking for a woman. Today, an inverted triangle face is considered attractive for women. It is possible to surgically reduce the masseter muscle.

However, this is a painful procedure and the surgery has several risks. Another way to reduce the masseter muscle is Botox. With the Botox treatment that is applied to the masseter muscle, the muscle reduces, the desired slimness is gained for the face, and the complaints of teeth-grinding are also significantly reduced.

Before Grinding of Teeth (Masseter Botox)

Before masseter Botox, the patient is examined in details. The patient is asked to grind his/her teeth. So the masseter muscle can be seen and marked. Before Botox, blood thinners and herbal products should not be used.

Diş Sıkma (Masseter Botoksu)
Diş Sıkma (Masseter Botoksu)

During Grinding of Teeth (Masseter Botox)

Masseter Botox is a procedure that takes approximately 15 minutes. It can be done in clinical conditions. The patients can return to their lives on the same day.

After Grinding of Teeth (Masseter Botox

After masseter Botox, the masseter muscle mass is reduced, the lower face is slimmed, and a feminine inverted triangle looking is given to the face. Pain is not expected after masseter Botox. It does not require nutritional restriction.

The effect of Botox varies between 3-6 months. After three applications, the habit of teeth-grinding can be prevented. Regrowing of the masseter muscle is possible after teeth-grinding, clenching, and chewing gum.

Diş Sıkma (Masseter Botoksu)

Aesthetic Applications

Grinding of Teeth (Masseter Botox)

Sweating Treatment

Migraine Treatment

Diş Sıkma (Masseter Botoksu)

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