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Laser Skin Thigtenning



Let’s talk about LASER skin tightening that is used in cases of excessive skin due to weight gain, loss, postpartum, or other reasons. For liposuction results, it is very important that the skin adapts and wraps the body again with its elasticity after the removal of the fat.

When the skin loses this characteristic due to the reasons that we have mentioned or due to other rarely reasons, LASER SKIN TIGHTENING is the primary method that is applied surgically.

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Before Laser Skin Tightening

Particularly the degree of excessive skin and the necessity of surgical intervention should be evaluated by your surgeon. Here, maybe this is the most critical point.

Because skin tightening with energy-based systems may not offer you the flat abdomen that you dream of. However, on the other hand, the risks are less than surgery and the scar is little if any. Before the surgery, it is useful to be very careful while making this decision.

Laser Skin Thigtenning
Laser Skin Thigtenning

During Laser Skin Tightening

LASER is a technology that is frequently used in many fields of medicine and surgery. It is preferred by many surgeons, particularly in fat melting (Lipolysis), such as LASER Lipolysis and VASER.

The use of LASER with experience after VASER (Ultrasound) and PAL (Power assisted) in superficial tissues can help the contraction of the dermis layer on the skin and clinically tighten it. We recommend you to discuss this with your experienced surgeon since there is a risk of skin burns.

After Laser Skin Tightening

Similar to other liposuctions, after the recovery period within weeks, many patients can get rid of the surgical burden with to this technology.

Laser Skin Thigtenning

Vaser Liposuction

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Laser Skin Thigtening

Venus Aesthetics (Butt Dimple)

Laser Skin Thigtenning

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