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Revizyon Rinoplasti



Rhinoplasty that is planned for the patients who have undergone a previous nose surgery is called revision rhinoplasty. As in every surgery, revision in rhinoplasty is a more challenging surgery than the primary, in other words, the nose undergone operation for the first time. However, one of the most revised surgeries among all surgeries is rhinoplasty.

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Before Revision Rhinoplasty

Preoperative evaluation is very important since revision rhinoplasty is more difficult than primary rhinoplasty. Physical examination is conducted in details. There may be a hole (septum perforation) in the nasal curtain and it is very difficult to be corrected. Surgery reports of the previous surgery of the patient are important for the planned revision surgery.

Radiological examination may be requested. If there is not enough cartilage tissue left, or if it is not present from the beginning, cartilage removal from other parts of the body (ear or ribs) may be deemed necessary. It is ideal to wait 1 year to plan a revision rhinoplasty for a nose undergone operation.

Revizyon Rinoplasti
Revizyon Rinoplasti

During Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty surgery is a 2-4 hour procedure under general anesthesia. Since it is a nose that has been previously operated, a very minor intervention may be required (sometimes only the nostrils are corrected or a small arch is removed).

A major operation on the scale of reconstruction (reconstruction) may be considered. Cartilage is often taken from the rib or ear. No scar remains in these regions.

After Revision Rhinoplasty

After revision rhinoplasty, 1 night hospitalization is usually recommended. If a tampon or plaster is placed, it can be removed or replaced after 3-7 days.

Patients are advised to rest for 5-7 days. Edema and bruising are normal for 1-2 weeks. Deformity is not expected here if cartilage is removed from the rib or ear for the revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Revizyon Rinoplasti

Open Rhinoplasty

Closed Rhinoplasty


Revision Rhinoplasty

Revizyon Rinoplasti

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