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Skin removal and surgical arm lifting, in particular, can be applied in patients who cannot get results from arm slimming and liposuction procedures, and if there are skin excess and skin stretch problems.

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Before Arm Lifting

In this procedure, the arm is almost always slimmed by applying liposuction. The scar is determined according to the requirements of the patient. In mild deformities that we generally refer to as Mini Arm lifting, a scar that remains under the armpit and is not visible is planned.

In the other patient group, the scar is planned according to the requirement for the deformity in the elbow area and placed in the least visible area possible. Sometimes the deformity crosses the elbow and extends to the forearm. In such cases (particularly in post-weight loss aesthetics), a scar that crosses the elbow is planned.

Kol Germe
Kol Germe

During Arm Lifting

Arm lifting operation is a surgical procedure that is performed under general anesthesia for 1-2 hours depending on the deformity and generally requires 1 night of hospitalization. In accordance with the plan made in the pre-period, the skin is removed and sutures that are not visible from the melted skin are removed with the principles of aesthetic surgery. Except in rare cases, there is no need to remove these sutures.

After Arm Lifting

After the arm lifting operation, resting for 3-7 days is recommended for the patients. Active use of the arms can be started after 1 week. A special compression garment is provided and used for 4-6 weeks according to the recommendation of your physician.

There is no need to remove your sutures. It takes 6 months for your scars to mature, and the scars that are red and prominent at first become more invisible. During this process, it is very important to follow the recommendations and protect yourself from the sun.

Although it is difficult to see the results due to tissue edema in the first weeks, the results of your surgery will begin to be seen more clearly between 3-12 weeks. Your physician will guide you in this regard since the healing process may change after each application.

Kol Germe
Kol Germe

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