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BBL (Yağ Enjeksiyonu ile Popo Şekillendirme)



With the inclusion of folds in the definition of beauty, particularly the ratio between the waist and the hips has been scientifically examined and it has been observed that the perception of beauty comes with the waist being relatively thin to the hip. The butts of women who have fat resistant to diet and sports, particularly in the abdomen and waist region, are also lost in this image.

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European and Turkish Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association Certificate of Competence

Before BBL (Fat Injection for Butt Shaping)

With an aggressive liposuction in planning, anterior and posterior body liposuction regions are marked as far as skin quality allows. Then, in accordance with the SAFE BBL principles, the regions that will provide both lifting and filling on the butt are determined and the requirements are explained to the patient.

BBL (Yağ Enjeksiyonu ile Popo Şekillendirme)
BBL (Yağ Enjeksiyonu ile Popo Şekillendirme)

During BBL (Fat Injection for Butt Shaping)

This operation that is performed under general anesthesia takes approximately 3-4 hours. 1 day of hospitalization is recommended. The pain is at moderate level.

The patient is asked to lie face down for 6 weeks. Injection is applied after the fats are treated with special purification processes. Liposuction and injection scars are under 1 cm. It is almost appropriate to refer this as a scarless surgery.

After BBL (Fat Injection for Butt Shaping)

The patient is monitored with a special whole body corset in the appropriate position. Permanence of fats varies from person to person. It would be more accurate to evaluate this with your physical. You must use a special pillow for 6 weeks and continue to wear the corset.

During your check-ups, lymph drainage massages may be recommended according to the status of your edema. We recommend that you consult your physician for this operation since it varies from person to person.

BBL (Yağ Enjeksiyonu ile Popo Şekillendirme)

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