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The appearance of the breasts is also very important for male aesthetics. The pectoral muscle appearance, as in Renaissance sculptures, makes a man more attractive. Prominent breast tissue in men is not welcomed well and cannot be hidden by most of the clothes.

Gynecomastia is female-type breast enlargement in men. The most frequent cause is physiological gynecomastia. In other words, in some periods of life, newborn, adolescence and old age, it is a condition that can occur due to hormonal changes in the body. It usually goes away on its own.

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Before Gynecomastia Regeneration

The reason for this is first investigated in patients who have gynecomastia complaints. The most frequently encountered pathological causes are hormonal disorders, various medication use, and obesity. If the cause is clear, then a treatment special for it is more appropriate.

Gynecomastia correction surgery can be planned for patients who do not get benefit from treatment or whose cause is unknown. Although it is rare, men can also get breast cancer. This should be kept in mind particularly in patients with unilateral gynecomastia.

Jinekomasti Onarımı
Jinekomasti Onarımı

During Gynecomastia Regeneration

Gynecomastia surgery is performed under general anesthesia.It takes about 1-1.5 hours. While the fat tissue that causes the appearance of gynecomastia is reduced by the liposuction method, the excess breast tissue is removed through a small incision that is made under the nipple.

An undershirt-like corset is worn during the surgery. The gynecomastia corset aims to give a fitter appearance as soon as possible by quickly sitting on the lower muscle of the emptied skin. It also reduces the risk of bleeding after surgery.

After Gynecomastia Regeneration

Gynecomastia surgery is a surgery in which patients recover quickly after surgery. An undershirt-like corset is used for 3-6 weeks after surgery. After gynecomastia surgery, a masculine, flat chest and more prominent pectoral muscle appearance is achieved.

Jinekomasti Onarımı

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Gynecomastia Regeneration

Jinekomasti Onarımı

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