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The carpal tunnel is a tunnel that is formed of bones and ligaments on the palm of the hand, near the wrist. The tendons that move the fingers and the median nerve pass through it. Particularly in women over 40 years of age, the median nerve can be compressed in this tunnel.

This condition is called carpal tunnel syndrome, it is actually an entrapment neuropathy. The carpal tunnel patients have tingling, numbness and a thin ache in their fingers. The little finger and half of the ring finger are not affected.

Difficulty in hand movements, particularly inability to perform fine works such as buttoning or dropping objects due to weakness in the movements of the thumb are observed. Complaints increase progressively. It is common to have retention on two hands.

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Before Carpal Tunnel Surgery

The patient who applies with the complaints of carpal tunnel syndrome is examined in detail. Neck hernia is considered in the differential diagnosis. Numbness in the fingers and collapse of the muscles around the thumb are the typical findings.

Tinel test and Phalen test and Electromyography are helpful in diagnosis. In the early period, physical therapy and lifestyle changes are recommended for patients. The treatment is surgery for the patients who do not get any benefit.

Karpal Tünel Cerrahisi
Karpal Tünel Cerrahisi

During Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal tunnel surgery can be performed under local anesthesia or under block anesthesia. There are open or closed (endoscopic) surgical methods. In both, the purpose is to open the carpal tunnel and relax the median nerve.

Complete relief of both the main branch of the median nerve and the motor branch leading to the first finger is essential to avoid recurrence. The surgery lasts 10-20 minutes. If both hands are involved, it is better to do one hand initially and then the other, so the patients can continue their daily lives.

After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

A dressing is applied on the wrist after carpal tunnel surgery. Pain for a few days is normal. Movement restriction is not desired after the surgery. Complaints disappear within a few weeks.

Karpal Tünel Cerrahisi

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Karpal Tünel Cerrahisi

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