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A planning is made before the application. The planning can be made for only the upper lip, only the lower lip or both. Before the procedure, the asymmetries on the lips are noted and special attention is paid to these regions. Before the procedure, regional anesthesia (with creams) is sufficient.

Mostly the gel fillers containing hyaluronic acid are used. While hyaluronic acid adds volume safely, it also moisturizes the lip by retaining water. With the help of a needle or cannula, this gel is administered under the lip mucosa and the desired shape is achieved. Submuscular or intramuscular applications should not be preferred as they will lead to unnatural results.


At the end of the application, the desired volume and shape of the lips are created by taking the opinion of the patient. It is recommended not to smoke, drink tea or coffee, and not to wear lip make-up for 24 hours after lip filler application. There may be swelling and even some bruising on the lips on the 2nd and 3rd days following the procedure. The swelling on these days usually makes the patients nervous as “Will my lips stay like this”, but on the 4th and 5th days, the lips completely return to their desired form.


We often experience that patients who undergoes lip filler application get used to their new looking quickly and ask for additional doses. If we consider it appropriate from an aesthetic point of view, it is possible to volumize the lip further with additional doses after the procedure.


Temporary fillers are almost always preferred in fillers that are used for aesthetic purposes today. Undesirable results that were obtained after permanent fillers that were used frequently in the past have led to give them up. Instead of them, there are some semi-permanent fillers. However, we use them for shaping the jaw or adding volume to the back of the hand. Temporary fillers should be preferred for lip filler applications. Temporary fillers look more natural due to their softer structure, and complication rates are much less. It has a permanence of 1-2 years depending on the selected product. And if the patient wants to return during this process, it is always possible to melt these fillers.


Let’s add a footnote here. While almost all of the other regions where fillers are applied to the face for aesthetic purposes are observed to return to their old state within a maximum of 2 years, we know that the lips do not become as thin as before, even though the filler we apply is completely melted in lip filler applications. Maybe that’s why we both physicians and patients love lip fillers so much.


One of the applications introduced as needle-free lip filler is the application of lip filler with a cannula. Using a needle or cannula for all filler applications is the choice of the physician. When the cannula is selected, a hole is made in the lip with a needle to insert the cannula. There is no difference in terms of pain between needle cannula applications after a good topical anesthesia.

Another application that is introduced as needle-free lip filler is the application with a pressurized pen-like device. The filler is administered to the lip with shots. It would not be correct to compare the results with conventional lip filler applications. Both its effect and permanence are much less, since it is an application that can be done very superficially with much less volume. Therefore, it is not preferred by the physicians.


Lip filler prices vary widely, because it is the most common aesthetic application. At the top of the main reasons that determine this price comes the quality of the preferred product and the identity of the applicator. Unfortunately, we see that lip filler is performed by the physicians who do not have expertise in this field, and even by non-physician “cosmetologists”. The bothersome results of these applications frequently found place in the press and social media. There is also a serious price difference between fillers containing hyaluronic acid in the market. The quality of the product, its content and the manufacturer have impact on these. It would be right for patients who are considering lip filler to search for the selected product and by whom the application will be made, and to choose the price accordingly.


Since the lips are the tissues that can swell easily with minor traumas, swelling is very normal on the 2nd and 3rd day after the lip filler application. It will pass on its own over the time. In order to minimize swelling, stopping herbal tea, supplements, etc. products before the procedure, and cold application after the procedure will be helpful. Our patients who work on weekdays often prefer Friday evenings for the procedure and can go to work on Monday with their swellings completely past.


As we explained above, the safest filler for the lips is the temporary fillers that contain hyaluronic acid. Although it varies according to the selected product and the patient, the permanence we expect can vary between 6 months to 2 years. It may also be preferable to make small additions when the filler starts to decrease without waiting for this time.


Lip filler applications are not new applications, they are very popular since the 2000s. During this period, there have been changes both in the perception of beauty and innovations in practice with developing technologies. Applications that were found beautiful in the past are thought as “repulsive”, “fragrant”, “fake” today, and an effort to remain natural in beauty is increasingly preferred. The beauty of the lips that attracts the most attention while talking is actually very important. This is where the concept of “natural lip filler” comes from.

During the application of the lip filler, it is very important to stay on the right plans, not to disturb the compliance of the lip contour with the face of the patient, as well as the balance between the two lips. Regardless of the size of the head of the patient, the lip should be examined as the filler is applied, and it should be stopped where it is considered sufficient. A natural looking cannot be obtained by applying high volume filler to a person with very thin lips who is having lip filler for the first time. If necessary, the application is divided into sessions, the lip is gradually volumized. It should be noted that adding is always easier than removing.

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