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Mesotherapy is the process of administering the cocktail liquids that are prepared for various purposes into the middle layer of the skin.

Mesotherapy is a complementary medicine method in which cocktails that are prepared with herbal or pharmacological drugs are injected into the middle layer of the skin, and organs and tissues originating from the mesoderm (skin, subcutaneous adipose tissue, muscle, bone, blood vessels, urogenital system) are treated. It was first defined by the French doctor Michel Pistor in 1958, accepted by the French Academy of Medicine in 1987, and became popular all over the world in a short time.

  • What are the purposes of mesotherapy application?
  • What is mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation?
  • What is mesotherapy for hair strengthening?
  • What is mesotherapy in the treatment of local lipodystrophy (fat burning)?
  • What are the methods of mesotherapy application?
  • What is PRP?
  • Is needle-free mesotherapy possible?
  • What are the prices of mesotherapy treatment?


The main cosmetic purposed uses of mesotherapy are skin rejuvenation, skin strengthening, “lifting”, hair strengthening, spot treatments, skin chaps (striae), localized lipodystrophy (local fat deposits), and tightening. In addition to the cosmetic applications, it is frequently applied by other branches in the treatment of sports injuries, acute-chronic pain treatments and even dysmenorrhea.


The water content decreases, the elasticity is lost, the tone of the skin decreases, the skin becomes dull, color changes and even spots may appear in our aging skin. Wrinkles, sagging skin, unhealthy looking, color irregularities and spots are the most common complaints that we hear from our patients. The basis of all of them lies in the loss of the building blocks of the skin owned during its youth. The most important of these are undoubtedly water and hyaluronic acid.

In mesotherapy applications for skin rejuvenation, drug cocktails that are prepared for the main problem are injected into the problematic regions at the right depth. The most preferred preparations are hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glycolic acid, glutathione, dimethylaminoethanol, silicon, and coenzyme Q10. Although these are generally applied in the form of ready-made preparations developed by the companies, physicians can also develop their own cocktails in particular cases. “Youth vaccine”, “Salmon DNA”, “Moisture vaccine” are some of the commonly known names of mesotherapy cocktails that are applied for skin rejuvenation.

Mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation is planned as 2-3 sessions. There may be 10-20 days between the sessions. Autumn and winter are preferred more. Because it is possible to be protected from the sun after the application, and the skin is renewed during the summer. Annual mesotherapy applications along with regular skin care are ideal for erasing the negative effects of aging on our skin.


Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method that reduces hair loss and helps strengthen the existing hair follicles. It is applied by injecting preparations containing minoxidil, finasteride/dutasteride, dexpentanol, biotin, procaine and multivitamin mixtures that are specially prepared for hair into the mid-layer of the skin in problematic areas of the scalp.

The most common areas of the application are the forehead and crown area in men, forehead and temples in women. For ideal results, a treatment of 6-10 sessions that last approximately 3 months is prepared. After the treatment, initially the existing hair gets stronger, then new hair starts to grow. However, it should be noted that it is too late for hair mesotherapy in the treatment of completely bald areas, and we recommend hair transplantation to these patients.


Mesotherapy is very useful in the treatment of local lipodystrophy, in other words, the localized fat deposits that are incompatible with the general structure of the patient. Particularly the patients who complain of excessive fat in small regions such as the jowl, arms, inner knees, ankles, etc. benefit greatly from 1-3 sessions of applications.

It should be noted that mesotherapies for fat burning may be a little more painful than other applications due to the content of the product administered. After the application, the fat in the region is melted and is eliminated through systemic means. Our patients can notice slimming after 1 month.


The purpose of mesotherapy is to administer the prepared drugs to the mid-layer of the skin. This can be achieved with various applications. Initially, the injection applications can be carried out on the problematic area with extremely thin needles that have been designed for this application. If the application will be performed on the entire face, dermapen can be applied without injection.

Dermapen is a tool that opens microcannulas (holes) in the skin at the desired depth and dermapen applications are completely painless. The cocktail to be administered to the patient can be absorbed under the skin with topical applications (such as massage) through the cannulas that are opened through dermapen application. Even without mesotherapy, dermapen has an activating effect on skin regeneration mechanisms. We love the combo effect that we see as a result of the application of dermapen and mesotherapy together, particularly in our patients for whom antiaging treatment is planned.

Mesotherapy guns can be used if a much larger region is targeted (such as the inside of the legs for fat burning) or if it is a more sensitive region (such as the scalp). Since these automatic guns insert and remove the needle into the skin very quickly, the patient does not feel pain and can be applied to larger regions in a shorter time.


PRP (Plasma rich platelet) is the process of separating the blood that is drawn from the person through centrifugation in a special tube and re-injecting the obtained part to the person. It is used for skin regeneration, hair strengthening, and tissue regeneration (such as cartilage). There will be no allergic situation since it is drawn from the patient.

When combined with mesotherapy applications in appropriate patients for skin rejuvenation, the benefit of the patient from the treatment is multiplied. It is also possible to apply PRP alone without the use of mesotherapy drugs. Platelets in PRP trigger new tissue formation by secreting various growth factors in the environment. The difference is felt 1 month after the application, 3 months should be waited for to get ideal results.


The needles that are used in mesotherapy are extremely thin and short, and therefore, most of our patients do not feel the needle entrance and exit. However, we still receive such requests from our patients who have “needle phobia”. We can offer two solutions for these patients. The first one is the application of mesotherapy with dermapen that we mentioned above. Although there are micro-needles in dermapen, the patient does not feel the needle as a needle due to its shape and application method (by tapping, not by inserting) and since it is completely painless.

The desired drugs can be administered by massaging through the channels that are opened with dermapen application. And the second method is the method for enabling the skin absorb the mixture put on the face through various vibration methods that are applied by a special fully needle-free device and a special cap. However, due to the strong barrier structure of the skin, it should be noted that the effectiveness of the drug and therefore the satisfaction of the patient reduce by half in the second method.


Mesotherapy is a very wide application area. The number of sessions is determined according to the problem and the patient, and the price is calculated according to the procedure. “Package price” is frequently pronounced in mesotherapy. You can call us to learn about our mesotherapy application prices.

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