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The wounds that are present for more than three months are classified as chronic wounds. The causes of chronic wounds may be a systemic disease such as diabetes, or local causes due to a previous operation or an irritant factor. The identification of the underlying causes of non-healed wounds is the first step.

Then, it is decided whether this wound can be closed with self-wound care or not. If deemed necessary, appropriate options are determined by switching to surgical regeneration options. Although the presence of wide range of treatment possibilities, chronic wound care almost represents a discipline in itself.

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Before Chronic Wound Treatment and Surgeries

The systemic comprehensive examinations of the patients should be performed, wounds should be followed up, and tissue samples should be collected in order to exclude microbiological factors or causes such as skin cancer.

After the determination of the reasons, the treatment should be continued in the hospital.

Particularly for chronic wounds, the surgical cleaning procedures that we call as wound debridement are applied under surgical conditions. In recent years, negative pressure wound care systems have been developed.

Then, a planning is made until the use of wound dressings or growth factors or stem cells and biotechnological products that will be beneficial in wound care. Although most wounds can be treated in this way, surgery remains its position as indispensable.

Kronik Yara Tedavisi ve Ameliyatları
Kronik Yara Tedavisi ve Ameliyatları

During Chronic Wound Treatment and Surgeries

Surgical treatment of wounds essentially includes the surgical cleaning and regeneration surgeries. After the active cause of the wound is eliminated or even if it cannot be removed, after the systemic condition is taken under control, the wound is repaired with compatible tissues that are excised from different parts of the body.

Skin grafts (patches, vaccines) are used here since the first thing that comes to mind is skin wounds. However, for example in a bone wound, a wound occurred after radiation therapy, or a gunshot wound, the treatment options and the tissues to be applied may vary.

The priority here is to restore the body integrity of the patient without loss of limb/function.

After Chronic Wound Treatment and Surgeries

After the treatment of the wound, the reoccurrence of the wound should be prevented and cause-oriented treatments should be started. For example, recommending oncological treatment after a skin cancer, or referral to physical therapy and rehabilitation physicians after a limb injury.

There is also a new wound care after the repair and directly affects the success of the regeneration surgery. Among surgical branches, plastic surgery has always been the first to consult for the wound care and management, so meeting with your physician is the first step for you to learn about numerous treatment options.

Kronik Yara Tedavisi ve Ameliyatları

Chronic Wound Treatment and Surgeries

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Kronik Yara Tedavisi ve Ameliyatları

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