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The jaw tip and jaw line are important structures that shape the face, cause a masculine or feminine looking, and affect the expression. Having a jaw tip that is short and backward can lead to a childlike looking, but it can also cause other facial structures (particularly the nose) to look relatively large. A jaw that is short and back can lead to a feminine looking in men. If the jaw line and corners are not clear, this can lead to a round face looking with large and drooping cheeks.

Having a prominent jaw line is preferred to make both the face and neck look younger. Particularly in men, the prominent jaw corners are considered as more attractive. Genioplasty surgery can be performed to enlarge the jaw tip. Again, the jaw that is in the back or front can be corrected by surgery. However, in patients who do not have significant problem, as well as orthodontic problems, it is possible to enlarge the jaw tip and clarify the jaw contour with filling application.

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Before Jaw Shaping

Patients usually do not realize the deficiencies in their jaw. The deficiency in their jaw is noticed by the physicians in the physical examinations of patients with other complaints.

It is very important to evaluate the patient from both the opposite and lateral profile before the jaw filler. The fillers that contain hyaluronic acid or hydroxyapatite can be used to add volume to the jaw.

Çene Şekillendirme
Çene Şekillendirme

During Jaw Shaping

If ready-fillers will be used, jaw filler can be performed in doctor’s office conditions. Jaw filler is not very painful. It can be easily tolerated by many patients.

In patients for whom the rhinoplasty surgery is planned, jaw tip augmentation may also be required as part of the profiloplasty.

After Jaw Shaping

After the filler process on the jaw tip and jaw line, patients can return to their daily work immediately. There may be pain, edema and bruising for 1-2 days. After the chin is augmented with filler, the anatomical balance between the upper face, mid-face and lower face is achieved. The childlike looking disappears. If there is hyperactivation of the jaw tip muscle, Botox can also be added.

After enlargement of the jaw, the looking of the jowl, if any, is reduced. A more prominent lower face contour is provided by clarification of the jaw line. The drooping looking on the cheeks is reduced. The jowl looking is reduced. A more masculine image is provided in men. The permanence of the jaw filler is 1-2 years.

Çene Şekillendirme

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Çene Şekillendirme

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