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Dark colored changes can be observed under the eyes depending on genetic factors, stress, microcirculation disorder, sleep irregularity, sleeping position, fatigue, and lifestyle. The under eye circles initially start from the inner corners of the eyes and then spread out as a contour, and this leads to a tired and unhappy looking.

The treatment of dark circles under the eyes is often difficult. Although regular skin care and some creams work, under eye light filler, in other words, the injection of a ready-made filler that is consisting of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and amino acids into this region gives much better results.

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Before Under Eye Light Filler

The skin around the eye contour is very thin and sensitive. Depending on the aging or due to structural reasons, many different problems can be observed in these regions. The most accurate treatment is determined through the performance of a detailed physical examination. The under eye light filler is primarily ideal for patients who have an apparent under eye pit.

The specially developed hyaluronic acid that is contained in the under eye light filler is a molecule naturally found in the skin tissue and provides moisture, skin tone, and elasticity. Sometimes, the treatment may be surgical in the patients that have hyperpigmented dark eye circles and large eye bags. For this purpose, the recommendation of the physician must be followed.

Göz Altı Işık Dolgusu
Göz Altı Işık Dolgusu

During Under Eye Light Filler

The under eye light filler is a procedure that takes approximately 15-30 minutes. Topical anesthesia is generally sufficient. A filler with gel consistency, consisting of hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and specially prepared to give shine to the under eye region is injected into the under eye groove. The procedure has no relation with the eye or sight.

After Under Eye Light Filler

The under eye light filler helps restructuring the under eye skin and rejuvenates the eye contour.

By greatly supporting the under eye groove, reduces the dark looking here and contributes in the reduction of the dark circles under eyes.

Permanence of under eye light filler is between 6 months to 1 year. Cold application is required after the application of the under eye light filler. It is recommended not to lie as face down for 1 day, to stay away from the Turkish bath and sauna, and not to wear make-up.

Göz Altı Işık Dolgusu

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Göz Altı Işık Dolgusu

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