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The human face is divided into three regions. Upper face, mid-face, and lower face. Distortions on the upper face cause bad looking of the mid-face, the mid-face distortions cause bad looking of the lower face, and the lower face cause bad looking of the neck.

The upper face is partly made up of more robust tissues and the mid-face between the eyes and lips is more prone to signs of aging. The procedure of moving this region up through the bone is called mid-face lift.

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Before Mid-Face Lift Aesthetics

With age, mid-face loses volume and cheeks fall down. The lower eyelid extends. Lacrimal channel deformity becomes apparent. Malar volume become less. The nasolabial curve deepens.

These deformities are observed by almost everyone as they age, but can also be seen in young people with weak structural soft tissues and poor bone support. Mid-face is moved up through lifting surgery.

Cheeks are lifted. The distance between the lower eyelid and the lip shortens. Malar volume is regained. Nasolabial folds may be erased. The face of the patient is examined thoroughly in the pre-operative consultation of the patient who is planned to have a mid-face lift.

The position of the eye sphere is evaluated relative to the bone below. The fact that the eye sphere is behind the bone is a positive vector, and it is the more attractive form. Additional interventions that will be applied to the patient are discussed before the surgery.

Orta Yüz Germe
Orta Yüz Germe

During Mid-Face Lift Aesthetics

Mid-face lift is performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the selected technique, incisions can be made from temples, lower eyelids or inside the mouth.

Mid-face bone membrane is released in the subperiostal plan and transported upwards and secured. It is a surgery that lasts 1.5-2 hours when performed alone. In advanced age patients, mid-face lift can be combined with conventional short-scar face lift surgery.

Implants may be placed on the bone to provide volume in patients with insufficient bone support. Bicectomy may be performed in the same session or the “Bichat” fat tissue in the cheek tissue may be transferred to other areas with volume deficiency on the face.

After Mid-Face Lift Aesthetics

After the mid-face lift surgery, the pain and edema in the face and head lasts one week. After one week, patients can return to their daily lives. After the procedure, the mid-face lifts up. The cheekbones are dislocated, the cheeks are flatter, and the reverse triangle is displayed.

Mid-face lift surgery is rejuvenation and beautification surgery. It gives a younger look to older patients and makes younger faces without sufficient triangulation more appealing.

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