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There may be color changes on the face, neck, décolleté and hands due to aging, sun or hormones. All colored lesions on the skin should be evaluated in details, and the ones with suspected malignancy should be eliminated.

Mesotherapy can be applied in the treatment of spots that are considered to be completely benign and that have a clinically compatible history.

If there is a genetic predisposition, particularly during pregnancy, rapid weight change or other reasons, chaps may occur in the body.

Although it is most common in the abdomen, hips, butts, and arms, it can also occur anywhere. The chaps that we call as stria are one of the most difficult cosmetic problems to treat, even in today’s modern medicine. It is possible to reduce striae with mesotherapy in the right patients.

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European and Turkish Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

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Before Spot Treatment

If mesotherapy is planned for the spot, it is necessary to choose the seasons when the sun is weak. The spots may get darken with the sun. If mesotherapy is used for spot treatment, the sun may cause further darkening in the treatment area.

Leke Tedavisi
Leke Tedavisi

During Spot Treatment

The procedures are performed after the application of local anesthetic cream. The most commonly used mesotherapy products for the treatment of spots and chaps are ACE vitamins, glutathione, pyruvic acid, and phenol derivatives. In the treatment of spots and chaps, the combination with dermapen and laser increases the effectiveness of mesotherapy.

After Spot Treatment

To apply a successful spot and chap mesotherapy, must be adhered to the number and frequency of sessions recommended by the physician. It is essential to be protected from the sun after the procedure. Daily life can be continued by using SPF50 sun creams.

Leke Tedavisi

Antiaging Treatment

Moisture Vaccine

Spot Treatment

Dermapen Application


Hair Strengthening

Leke Tedavisi

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